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Jimmy is getting his award framed by a local art shop.  For he is the 2009 winner of the Individual Artist Award in Maryland.
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"Web Design & Video Production
Jimmy is working on a new album with Richard Marlow and company.  As the album progresses, updates will be provided as well as song samples for feedback. 
(Most Recent Voice Over for Mayoral Candidate Jody Landers )
Jimmy will be doing some voice over work for the Jody Landers Campaign for Mayor of Baltimore City. 
If you would like a voice over for your project "click here"
Jimmy Wilson's Latest Album "Bright Light from a Single Spark."  This award winning album is a must have.  This album contains both vocal and instrumental tracks.         Learn More... 
Jimmy DJ's every Tuesday evening at the iBar in Baltimore City, and every Wed evening at the Red Maple in Baltimore City